"Tokyo Vertical Cemetary" Renderings

“Tokyo Vertical Cemetery” - International competition “Death and the City” - arch out loud, 2016. Wettbewerbsvisualisierung / Competition Renderings.

“The hovering green crypts of Shinjuku demonstrate how a sepulchral architecture can be inserted into a dense urban space in a respectful and harmonic way.
The concept organizes in the vertical the dimensions and ritual-functional qualities of a stylized Tokio cemetery with its space for individual commemoration, scale of the burial grounds, green spaces and clarity of the path system.

The symbiosis of solemn tradition and metropolitan economy reflects itself in the design between pagoda and suspended building. Sight-shielded, noise-protected commemoration rooms alternate with contemplative garden-stories, which serve as extension of scarce urban space as well as meeting places.” - Clemens Dreher

Renderings: 3dworks visual computing / Markus Gröteke
Entwurf / Architectural design: Clemens Dreher Architekt / www.dreher-architekt.de
Competition Site Link: arch out loud